Interested in becoming a vendor?

Take these steps:

1. Our membership fees are $225 annually, plus $200 for a single stall, $800 for one-and-one-half stalls, and $1200 for two stalls. All new applicants will be inspected, and a $25 fee will incurred. Read more about vendor stall assignment and vendor fees in our by-laws by clicking on the link below.

2. Read over our by-laws and verify that you can meet all state and local heath department and Ohio Department of Agriculture rules. Find them here.

3. Complete the form below to apply to become a member of AFM. If you are a grower a map of your proposed growing area is required. You may attach an electronic link on the form below, or you may email a legible hand drawn map to

Thank you for your interest!

Application to become a market member

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By checking this box you confirm that your proposed business meets all Athens Farmers Market rules and by-laws posted on our website. You verify that the business meets all State and Local Health Department and Ohio Department of Agriculture rules and guidelines.