Ali Baba's Kitchen LLC 
Nisar & Safiyyah Shaikh
12826 Liars Corner Rd., Millfield, Ohio 45761
740/517-3895 |

International, specialty handmade foods: salads, dips, spreads, puff pastries, candies, appetizers, pita sandwiches, bread, specialty drinks.  Some herbs and vegetables.  Many vegan, vegetarian, gluten free items.  Catering for any size.  


Athens County Master Gardener Association
Carolyn Sutherland, Coordinator
740/797-7726 |

A non-profit association promoting and teaching environmentally sound research gardening practices to Athens County citizens. Affiliated with OSU Extension in Athens County.

Athens' Own 
Constantine Faller
PO Box 237, Amesville, Ohio 45711
740/448-2696 |

ORFTSH coffee; cured meats, beef, pickled peppers; spiced nuts; pancake mix; worms and related soil amendments; farm produce, marinated olives, granola, sticky buns, steal cut oats, roasted corn grits, meal and flour; market kitchen. 


Avalanche Pizza Bakers
John Gutekanst
104 Maplewood Dr., Athens Ohio 45701

Breads, flatbreads, pizza, tarts, schizcciata, stuffed fugasse, sandwiches.


Baringer Farm 
Ginger & Adale Baringer
17975 Bucks Lake Rd., Guysville, Ohio 45735
740/594-4396 |

Beets, turnips,onions, sugar snap peas, potatoes, zucchini, zucchini bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, hot & bell peppers, butternut squash, corn, broccoli, butternut squash bread, kale, tenderettes, jade beans, yellow wax beans, roma beans.


Blackberry Sage Farm

Ronda Clark 
15282 Linscott Run Rd., Amesville, Ohio 45711
740/448-7318 |

Blackberries, Marigold garlands, rhubarb, gooseberries, black raspberries, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, culinary herbs, garlic, shallots, leeks, radishes, hazelnuts, nettles, popcorn, mint, heirloom potatoes, okra, soup beans, tomatoes, squash, garden seeds for sale include 32 varieties of soup beans, okra, squash, sunflower, Loofah, corn and cowpeas.

Blaney Family Farm Adam & Tabby Blaney

29760 St. Rt. 143, Albany, OH 45710 - 304/520-9800 l

Mixed variety of vegetables, Lye Soap and Aprons.

Chelsea’s Real Food
Chelsea Hindenach
42726 Darwin Rd., Shade, OH 45776
419-957-3802 |

Chelsea's Real Food is a full-service mobile kitchen offering locally sourced, made from scratch, gluten free prepared foods. Chelsea has soups, sandwiches, baked goods, coffee, and handmade real fruit popsicles. Specials change weekly, based on local food availability.  Locally sourced and organic whenever possible. 


Cherry Orchards 
Neil Cherry
10290 St. Rt. 669 NW, Crooksville, Ohio 43731
740/982-3186   740/982-0976

Apples, peaches, pears, plums, grapes, vegetables, flowers, cider, herbs, hanging baskets, jams, apple butter, baked goods. 


Community Food Initiatives Donation Station
Susie Huser  
94 Columbus Rd., Athens, Ohio 4570 | 740/593-5971

The CFI Donation Station accepts financial donations to purchase Athens Farmers Market food, and collects local food donations from customers, vendors and community gardeners to distribute to food pantries and agencies serving those in need.


Companion Plants 
Peter Borchard
7247 N. Coolville Ridge Rd.
Athens, Ohio 45701
740/592-4643 |

Herb plants and seeds, native plants.

Coolville Ridge Atomic Ranch

Marlene Poches

8111 N Coolville Ridge Rd, Athens, Ohio 45701

Coolville Ridge Atomic Ranch is a permaculture mini farm specializing in edible flowers and organically-grown heirloom produce which we incorporate into our baked goods, pastries, confections, and fruit preserves, along with our own maple syrup and eggs from our free-range chickens. Our focus is on sustainably-raised produce and products from the mid century modern era that are handmade using quality ingredients.

Cowdery Farms
Larry & Kim Cowdery
62076 St. Rt. 124, Long Bottom, Ohio 45743
740/985-9857 |

Tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, eggplant, sweet corn, oriental vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, salad greens, seasonal vegetables.


Cranes Crazy Corn 
Jim Crane
27270 Happy Valley Road, Albany, Ohio 45710
740/447-8974 |

Kettle corn.


Creekside Farm 
Paul Tomcho and Krista Duval
Athens, OH 45701

Farmstead goat cheese, drinkable yogurt, goat milk, goat milk soap, goat meat, berries, shiitakes, pasture-raised eggs.  We are an Animal Welfare Approved Farm.  

Crescent Moon Microcreamery
Matt Ossler and Erica Andrews

31040 Old Dexter Rd.
Langsville, OH 45741

Farm-made, grass-grazed, small batch artisan ice cream ; 5 staple flavors plus alternating seasonal menu; vegan options, Italian ice sorbets. Our products are made from cows we milk every day.

Crumbs Bakery, Worker Owned 
Jeremy Bowman
PO Box 315, Athens, Ohio 45701 
740/592-3803 |

Breads, pastries, noodles, cookies, pizzas, crackers, muffins, cakes, gluten free items, and special orders encouraged; year-round.


Deep Roots Farm 
Cale & Melanie Linscott
16495 Hooper Ridge Rd., Millfield, OH 45761
740-448-7415 | 

Vegetables, cut flowers and mushrooms, without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.  At the market year-round. 

Denny Bison Farm 
Jake and Emily Denny
7065 Portie Flamingo Rd. New Lexington, OH 43764
740-621-3883 |

Farm raised bison meat.


Dirty Girl Coffee LLC
 Jane Cavarozzi & Kara Tripp

6140 Lakeview Forrest, Glouster,OH
614-357-0017 and

Freshly craft roasted specialty coffee. Fair trade, Organic. Shade grown, Woman produced. Hot coffee, cold brewed coffee on tap, mixed drinks, Bagged coffees, Good juju.


Double Play Ranch,LLC
Jeff and Annette Niese
3883 Ladd Ridge Rd., Athens,OH 45701

Beef and cheese.


Dr. May’s Thai Kitchen
Mathurada (May) Rath

94 Columbus Rd. Athens, OH 45701

(740) 274-3903 -,

Specializing in Authentic Thai Cuisine, custom menu, boxed meal/bento set, weekly/monthly/family meal plan, pre-order online and pick up at ACEnet, catering, party/event orders, food truck & general food services. Made fresh from scratch with local ingredients when possible while remaining traditional.

Duff Farms
Robin & Melvin Duff
30762 Old Dexter Rd., Dexter, Ohio 45741
740/742-2182 |

Flowers, herbs, vegetables, perennials, bouquets, water plants.


Anne Slabaugh
6359 Green Branch Rd. Guysville, OH 45735

Fresh-ground organic peanut butter; various other nut butters (almond, walnut, honey roasted peanut butter, etc.), bird suet, mixed nuts.


Far Corner Farm
Elise McMath
12788 New England Rd,Amesville,OH 45711
740-274-3940 |

Berries, mushrooms, seasonal veggies and extended season veggies. Natural gardens. No chemicals.

Farm On The Ridge

65 Dale Riegel Rd. Jackson, OH 45640

(740) 988-6346  -,

Pasture-based pork and beef with a focus on convenient foods for food conscious consumers. Sausage, house cured bacons, and oven/slow cooker ready meats and entrees.

Find A Way Farm
Brian and Beth Duffy
36789 Buzzard Den Rd.,Dexter,OH 45741

Lamb, mutton, and eggs.


Fisher Farm
Dave and Kelly Fisher
63 E State Route 266, Stockport, Ohio 43787
740/525-3482 |

Fresh red and black raspberries, raspberry jams & sauces, maple syrup, maple sugar and candies, raspberry apple sauce. AFM April thru December.


Five Springs Farm Nursery & Landscaping
Mason Chambers 
12691 Dutch Creek Rd., Athens, Ohio 45701
740/594-6030 |
 Native trees, shrubs, fruit trees, bamboo, ornamental grasses, evergreens, perennials, live christmas trees.Open: Thur/Fr. Noon to 6.00, Sat/Sun 10:00-5:00.

Gibson Ridge Farm 
Greg & Geraldine Howard
41329 Gibson Rd., Albany, Ohio 45710
740-698-3330 | 

We grow Nutrient Dense Food (BioNutrient Food Association protocols) & use certifiable organic practices to produce salad greens, kale, Japanese mustards, cucumbers, blueberries, apples, heirloom tomatoes. We offer hermit cookies also. Knife and Sissor Sharpening services available upon request.


Gillogly Orchard 
John & Mark Gillogly
40618 SR 689, Albany, Ohio 45710

Apples, peaches, cherries, plums, pears, nectarines, blackberries, blueberries, red raspberries, asparagus, apricots, cider, garlic. On-farm sales September-December. AFM year-round.

Green Acres
Angie Hubbard
25710 McNickles Rd., Racine, OH 45771
740-508-2328 |

Organic vegetables and herb bedding plants. Heirloom flowers and tomato plants, cactus/ succulents in unique containers. Special orders. Market Year Round.


Green Edge Organic Gardens
Kip & Becky Rondy
16232 Henry Rd., Amesville, Ohio 45711 
740/448-4021 | and www.

Year round salad mix, microgreens, mushrooms, greens, herbs, asparagus, rhubarb,  ginger turmeric, peas, assorted seasonal produce. Offering shares in Athens Hills CSA for year round produce.


Harmony Hollow Farm
Rich Blazier
9059 Terrell Rd., Athens, Ohio 45701

Rabbit and pork (over 35 different cuts, all state inspected) & eggs. At the market year round.


Hart's Desire 
Karen Hart
29567 Nelson Rd., Dexter, Ohio 45741
740/698-5108 |

Eggs, jellies, candy, pumpkin rolls, breads, pies, cakes & cookies.


Havenwood Farm 
Blair Dyer Jr.
1220 Two Mile Run Rd., Cutler, Ohio 45724
740/350-4226 |

Vegetables, baked goods, & eggs.


Herbal Sage Tea Co.
Maureen Burns-Hooker
105 Butternut Ave.,Pomeroy,OH 45769
740/594-5522 |

Tea blends, fresh herbs, dried herbs, assorted fresh brewed, single serving teas, tinctures.


High Bottom Farm
Jeffrey Brock
20861 Henderson Rd., Guysville, OH 45735 | 740-541-7524

Pasture raised non-GMO chicken eggs; pasture raised non-GMO pork; and 100% forage fed goat meat.  Available year round.  State-Inspected.  


Hocking College 
Stacey Priest
3301 Hocking Parkway, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764 740/698-1925

Live freshwater shrimp (available mid-October).


Homecoming Farm LLC
John Wood
14964 Linscott Run Road, Amesville, Ohio 45711
740-448-3402 |

Fresh vegetables and fruits, cut flowers, jam, maple syrup. 


Angie Hubbard

Letard Falls, Ohio


Organic vegetables and herb bedding plants.  Heirloom flowers and tomato plants.  Cactus/succulents in unique containers.  Special orders.  Market year round.  


Integration Acres Ltd.
Chris Chmiel & Michelle Gorman
9794 Chase Rd., Albany, Ohio 45710 
740/698-6060 |

Farmstead goat cheese, live-fermented vegetables, artisan cow cheese, pawpaw products, spicebush berries, black walnuts, mushrooms and pestos.  


Jackie O's Pub & Brewery 
Eric Leighton
22 W. Union St., Athens, Ohio 45701
740/590-3041 |

JO's Bake Shop: artisan hearth breads (sourdoughs), yeasted breads & rolls, flat breads, crackers, pretzels, pies, cakes, tarts, sweet rolls, cookies, special orders. 

JO's Barrel Ridge Farm: in season produce, never sprayed, many heirloom varieties. "Sustainably crafted with purpose."


Jenkinson Farm & Garden 
Judy Jenkinson
4283 Marshfield Rd., Athens, Ohio 45701
740/541-4190 |
Check us out on Facebook & Jenkinsonfarmandgarden:blog.

Grass fed lamb.  Honey.  Eggs-cage free, non-GMO feed, antibiotic free.  Fruits & vegetables, seedlings, flower perennials, cider.  Fresh herbs grown year round in our greenhouse.  

Lapp It Up! 
Junita Lapp

3661 Stoney Point Rd., Malta, Ohio 43758

Kombucha tea, tea blends, kombucha kits, gluten free baked goods, herbal handcrafted items such as salves and hair rinses, etc. 


Laurel Valley Creamery 
Nick & Celestial Nolan
930 Laurel Rd., Gallipolis, Ohio 45631 
740/245-9044 |

Cheese! Aged raw milk cheese, fresh cheeses, prepared chease foods; meats-beef, hot dogs, pork; peacock feathers, musthrooms, and foraged items from our farm.  


Lavender for Luck

Marti Klinger

3187 Pleasant Hill Rd., Athens, Ohio 45701


Lavender, cut flowers, herbs, dried flower products, lotions, dream pillows.  


Molina Family Bakery/Old Dog Acres
Gary Molina
75995 Vandyke Rd, New Marshfield, OH 45766
740-591-7263 | 

Traditional breads and baked goods with an Italian-American focus.  We make the breads and sweets that remind you of home.  On Facebook and at the AFM year round.  

Andy Graybeal & Michelle Wasserman
5068 Deep Hollow Rd., Coolville, Ohio 45723
740.667.0409 + +

Tamales, tacos & drinks made completely from scratch with whole, local, organic, and sustainable ingredients.  

No Bull Treats
Dean and Lynnette Clouse
PO Box 2309, Athens, OH 45701
740/591-1276 |

Handmade gourmet all natural dog treats and chews.

Ohio Farm Direct
Doug Daniels
19488 Fredericktown Rd., Fredericktown, Ohio 43019

Cheese, yogurt, summer sausage, trail bologna, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches.

Pie in the Sky
Charlene Burnett
3816 Spring Valley Road, Albany, Ohio 45710
419/217-2878 |

Homemade Baked Goods.


Pink House Flower Farm

Pork & Pickles 
Becky Clark
47 Avon Place, Athens, OH 45701
503/709-5608 |

Artisan sausages, eclectic pickled vegetables, hand-produced speciality butcher cuts.


Primaterra Farm
Henry Jochem
6475 Townsend Rd NE, New Lexington, Ohio 43764

Assorted greens and root vegetables; assorted summer vegetables; pasture raised chicken, duck, and quail eggs.  


Rich Gardens Organic Farm
Rich Tomsu & Ann Fugate 
385 King Rd., Shade, Ohio 45776
740/696-1301 |

Sustainably grown vegetables- no chemicals.  Salad greens, spinach, tomatoes, onions, shallots, potatoes, squash and lots of great garlic.  At the market year-round.


Rodehaver Farms 
Ralph & Ron Rodehaver
5655 N. Rodehaver Rd., Guysville, Ohio 45735
740/517-1909  |

Berries, potatoes, vegetables, plants, nuts, sweet corn, green beans. April-November.


Sarah's Sweets/Tucker Farms
Trent & Sarah Tucker
PO Box 336, Chesterhill, Ohio 43728 
740/590-5135 | &

Hand-dipped chocolates, nut brittles, 10+ fudge flavors, buckeyes. Spring plants, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, vegetables. Raw local honey, honey products.  


Sassafras Farm 
Ed Perkins & Amy Abercrombie
10940 Lightfritz Ridge Rd., New Marshfield, Ohio 45766
740/664-3370 |

Vegetables, herbs and berries grown with no ag chemicals. All winter Saturday market.


Shade River Organic Farm 
Mike & Star Hamilton
14830 Fossil Rock Rd., Athens, Ohio 45701
740/591-9714 |

Certified Organically- Grown vegetables since 1985.  Specializing in early tomatoes and peppers, and late season crops all winter.  AFM year round.  

Shade Winery
Neal Dix
401 Gilkey Ridge Rd, Shade, Ohio 45776
740/696-1323 | 

Estate Grown and other wines, produced in Athens County.  Fine dry whites and dreds as well as sweet wines.   

Shagbark Seed & Mill 
Brandon Jaeger & Michelle Ajamian
88 Columbus Circle., Athens, Ohio 45701 
740/590-2749 |

Got Grain and Beans?  We are a certified organic stone mill and seed cleaning hub in Athens.  We have dry beans, fresh ground heirloom corn, spelt, and buckwheat flours, grits, polenta, hot cereals plus spelt pasta, tortilla chips, fresh tortillas, heirloom popcorn, and occasional baked goods and salads!  All from locally grown crops! 


Shews' Grassfed Beef 
Pete & Marjie Shew
3915 Elliott Rd., Stockport, Ohio 43787

Grassfed/ finished beef, free range eggs,  jams, jellies, apple butter, apple sauce, and raw cider vinegar. AFM year round.


Silver Bridge Coffee Company
Lorraine Walker
5508 St. Rt. 7S, Gallipolis, Ohio 45631
740/709-1610 lorraine |

Fair trade, organic, fresh roasted coffee including regular and specialty flavored.  Offering hot coffee by the cup, bags of ground or whole bean coffee, and single serve Kups for Keurig-style brewing.  


Southwestern Style Gourmet Salsa
Tom C. Zakany
842 Brighton Blvd., Zanesville, Ohio 43701
740/453-7950 |

Gourmet salsas and tortilla chips.


Spring Valley Farm 
Juanita Deal
4672 Pleasant Hill Rd., Athens, Ohio 45701

Berries, tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, gourds, jams, jellies, butters (some sugar free); seasonal, u-pick available.


Stacy Family Farm LLC
Bill, Janet, Todd, Tyler Stacy
135 B F Goodrich Road, Marietta, Ohio 45750
740/374-2371 |

Strawberries, peaches, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet corn, tomatoes, and peppers.  


Sticky Petes Pure Maple Syrup
Laura McManus-Berry
18216 S. Canaan Road, Athens, Ohio 45701

Maple syrup, maple sugar, maple nuts and maple candy.


Symmes Creek Ranch

Mike George

509 Symmes Creek Road Patriot, OH 45658

(614) 581-0631 -

Thorn Ridge Farm 
Rae Ann Johnson-Levine
37510 Snowville Rd., Albany, Ohio 45710
740/698-4070 |

Fragrant fresh cut flowers, native and non-native perennials and annual 
plants; April-September.


Vest Berries and Produce
Rick & Terry Vest
10115 New England Rd., Stewart, Ohio 45778
740/541-1169 |

Strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn, sweet poatoes, carrots, beets, winter squash, tomatoes, fall broccoli & cabbage. Berries are u-pick and at market.

Wagner Fruit Farm 
Eric Wagner
2505 Brownrigg Rd., Waterford, Ohio 45786
740/749-3312 |

Peaches, apples, pears, nectarines, apricots, plums, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, pumpkins, gourds. On-farm sales June-November.


Wildfire Herbs
Caty Crabb
34316 Beech Grove Rd, Rutland, OH 45775
(740)742-2463 |

Handmade herbal extracts, salves and powders; maple syrup, plants, vegetables.

Wolftree Winery 
Bradley Meek

1356 Swett Hollow Rd., Millfield, OH 45761

Wines, meads, and hard ciders.  


Yankee Street Farm
Roger Graves
45772 St. Rt. 160 Vinton, Ohio 45686
740/669-6141 |

Chemical free vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and seeds.

Z Bakery  LLC
Françoise Cauchie
104 Columbia Ave., Athens, Ohio 45701 
740/856-5010 |
French baked goods and artisan breads by a French master baker.